Our Story

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BBQ is the Best and We Cook THe Best Better

​We started humbly but with a grand plan: To create the best BBQ a person has ever tasted, end of story. And with nothing but a smoker and this dream, we've grown and grown and exploded to this point.

Our recipes date back to the 1940's when my great grandmother introduced her gourmet Carolina style BBQ with her signature Carolina style sauce. "The King of BBQ sauces." This sauce and many other recipes were passed on to my uncle, who competed in BBQ contests for over two decades; he became the "keeper of the secrets." I followed in his footsteps, and inherited his love for competition BBQ.

Our secret? It's not one, admittedly. We start with  ​the finest meat selections, perfected homemade sauces, and uniquely fused spices.  Starting with high quality meats is a big part and an unrelenting love and competition style BBQ is the other big part. Between those two, we think we pretty much have our BBQ bases covered.

Turns out we also like people, though. We're not making these delicious, one-of-a-kind BBQ creations to not share them with you. So find our food truck and feast your eyes and stomach on the greatest BBQ ever made. You won't be sorry you did.