Shrimp  - Try Our Creole Butter Smoked Shrimp or Traditional Fried Louisiana Style.

Lobster Tails - Maine Lobster Tails, Tempura Battered and Fried Golden. Served with our House Sauce.

Maine Lobster Rolls - Maine Lobster Served Maine or Connecticut Style.

Fish n Chips  - Our Alaskan True Cod - Hand Battered with Our London Style Beer Batter. Served with Lemon and Our House Tarter Sauce. 

Our smoked sausages provide all the right flavors you crave.  

Award winning, hand-selected pork butts are seasoned with our Po' Boyz rub and then slow smoked until they fall apart. You can dream you are in Carolina and add some slaw.

Our briskets are injected with a special marinade then dry rubbed. We slow smoke them with post oak and Georgia peach woods until they are moist and fall apart tender. Try one of these and you just may want to move to Texas.


Mmmmm, mmmmm…if you’re looking for the best BBQ in the Phoenix  Area, well you’ve found it! At Po' Boyz BBQ  we focus on getting the best ingredients so that we can make you the best BBQ.

BBQ & Seafood Menu

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Slow smoked over pecan wood these "melt-in-your-mouth"......meat so deliciously tender, it literally "falls off the bone"!

Po' Boyz House Baked Beans - This is an award winning recipe!  Our beans are seasoned with our house spice. Once you have tried these beans, Grandma’s and the Bush’s will be a thing of the past.

Po' Boyz House Four Cheese & Mac - ​Made the old fashioned way. Elbow macaroni, milk, butter, and a combination of cheeses and spices.

Po' Boyz House Coleslaw - A little creamy with a touch of sweetness and bursting with flavor.

Po' Boyz House Southern Potato Salad - Traditional southern-style potato salad.

Po' Boyz Smoked Green Beans - A new way to try your veges.

Meats - (Smoked Daily On The Truck!)

Crab Rolls - Sweet Blue Lump Crap Meat Served Warm with Our House Aioli. 

Smoked Crab Legs - Our Famous Smoked Crab Legs Seasoned With Our House Seasoning.

SIDES (All Handmade)

SEAFOOD Not available at all stops, by request only.

Our hearty Rib Tips are seasoned and smoked slowly ....our sausage offers the perfect balance of zesty and robust spices.